Top 4 Best Landyachtz Longboard Brands

Landyachtz is the most reliable and reputable name in the longboarding industry for years and there’s a good reason for it. They’ve garnered years of reputation, especially in the downhill industry. Since’97, Landyachtz has been manufacturing top quality boards at the best prices. With the brand new graphics, excellent sizes and a wide array of prices to suit the budget range of every rider, these boards have stayed on the top among all the longboard brands. Here’re a few longboards; which are some of our favorites:

Landyachtz longboard

Battle Axe Longboard
If you need a classic pintail with an added bunch of cool features, then choose no other than the Landyachtz Battle Axe Longboard. With an excellent drop-through mount and cut out wheel well, the board sits much lower than your classic pintail and let you enjoy, quite faster, tighter turns without any worry about the wheel bite. As the board has a wide body shape at the front, you can get a stable platform for pushing in and out of turns; while the slight W concave can help you grip your feet and keep in place, even during higher speeds. If you want to be a pro of the classic pintail, then the Landyachtz Battle Axe can be the perfect pick to go with!

Landyachtz Battle Axe Bamboo Longboards

Switchblade Longboard
Switchblade Longboard stands out as the most popular board manufactured by Landyachtz, as it’s in great demand on every season. Available in three different sizes, this board is a symmetrical freeride board; which’s ideal for different riders. As it’s stable and easy to ride, beginners love this board the most! The downhill crew will love its stiff and sturdy feel of the drop-through and the drop-down deck offers.  That means, no matter whatever your skill level or wherever you want to ride, the Landyachtz Switchblade longboard will help you get there!

Landyachtz Switchblade

Time Machine Longboard
If you want to step on to the future of freeride, then you should take a ride on the Landyachtz Time Machine Longboard. Again, if you love speed and hard curves, then you’ll love this board for sure! With a slight W concave and angled drops, your feet will stay in a perfect position to add some power and control into your carves. However, this exquisite design of longboard can keep the feet of the riders closer to the truck as possible to ensure an ultimate level of control and ability to drive this powerful ride. Remember one thing, these longboards can be comfortable for daily cruising, quick and fun freeriding!

Landyachtz Time Machine 2015 Longboard Complete

Drop Carve Longboard
Being one of the most versatile boards in the Landyachtz line up, these boards can offer a nice, snappy feel and overall flex; so that they can be a great option for carving and also add an enhanced level of comfort and relaxation. As the drop through mount is added sighted lower the board, it can offer extra stability and the slight concave grips so that your feet can stay perfectly without any worry.

Landyachtz Bamboo Drop Carve 40 Longboard Complete

This’s just a fraction of the Landyachtz line up and some of my favorite picks. Now it’s time to buy your favorite pick of Landyachtz longboards at Boards on Nord to ensure maximum enjoyable  and delightful longboarding experiences!

Don’t forget to share your experiences and thoughts in the comment section below!

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How to Buy Quality Complete Skateboards?

Skateboards have come a long way since the time they were built with plywood and fitted with any used pair of roller skate wheels. Today, you have more advanced varieties of skateboards on sale with durable decks made of bamboo, maple, Koa wood, plastic and other composite materials. Composite skateboards are not environment-friendly, but still tend to be more durable. Their materials may vary from epoxy and fiber to fiberglass. The trucks have become wider to match the width of the boards and wheels have been made futuristic. While some skateboards for sale are made from plastic, others utilize hard to break ACMs (advanced composite materials such as polyurethane which can sustain wear and tear and still ride like new.


A large range of skateboards is on sale at sporting supplies and accessories stores. There are some dedicated online skateboard stores over the internet where you can have access to ready to assemble skateboard, complete skateboards, and various individual parts which are required to give you the rolling pleasure on a safe and smooth to ride skateboard. All these items are pleasant to browse over if you know what exactly do you need, but not when you are a newbie or a traditional rider who has been rolling on the same old setup for years. You may like to have professional help for purchasing the most perfect skateboards. Below are discussed every point you should consider before buying the right skateboard for your riding, no matter a complete skateboard or a few essential components to add to your current riding experience.

Web Design

1.    Know your skill level and style of skateboarding – Some of you may be using a skateboard for casual ride across the city. The less traffic and smooth pavement areas can be explored on a standard and inexpensive skateboard for sale. However, those practicing downhilling or continuously grinding at the skateparks would require to purchase more reliable versions from We brands like sector 9 , arbor, loaded etc.

2.    Deck Size (length and Width) Matters – The size of deck is important with regard to your height and skateboarding style. There are mini skateboard and mid-size skateboards for buyers ranging from 101-130cm in the height. However, standard size skateboard will be more appropriate for buyers with  130-160cm height. Another alternative is longboards that can serve you well in a downhill race as well as faster cruising activities.

3.    Truck to board size ratio – Check the size of the truck and make sure that it fits the size of your skateboard and would allow you the flexibility of riding with right and left turning when mounted under the board.

4.    Wheel size – For street skating purpose 49mm – 54mm wheels will be appropriate. They can also be used on ramps, transitions or in the skate parks. Any wheel larger than this size will suit cruisers or longboards.  There are different designs, colors and brands of skateboard wheels which can be selected according to your personal preference.

5.    Quality of bolts and bearings – High grade bolts are required to keep the trucks mounted strongly on the board. It will give you stability. Similarly, ABEC rating bearings must be sloted in the board wheel to let you roll smoothly and maintain your speed.

6.    Free Grip Tape –  The skateboard should include free grip tape on its top in order to let the user enjoy great friction to control the skateboard.
Buy Complete or Custom Skateboards
As a buyer, you have two options when picking up skateboard for sale – either you can purchase complete skateboards which are complete with all the basic parts that have been put together for giving you a complete configuration or you can select a ‘customized set-up’ – which gives you the flexibility to choose the parts on your own. Whatever may be your choice, you can have full support at Boards on Nord. It carries longboards and complete skateboards from some of the leading brands in the international market. Consider ordering from the best collection of parts or complete skateboards at Boards on Nords and be sure of getting maximum value for your money!

Prominent Sector 9 Downhill Longboards For a Fast Ride and an Edgy Feel


Longboarding is an enjoyable sport that requires patience, dedication and finesse. Being an unparalleled sport, it makes the intensity and adrenaline to flow hand-in-hand with serenity. In longboarding, speedy reflexes hold more importance to ensure careful movements. In the short and simple words, longboarding can open a world of thrilling adventures, cruising down winding mountains and enlivening rides down steep hilltops.

There are so many benefits to be boasted and enjoyed by the racers who own a longboard that will help them in performing some of the excellent stunts at the greatest speed as possible. Racing with downhill longboards is filled with passion, hasty moves and skills. The obstacle of longboarding skill as well as speed are the important things to be conquered in a downhill longboard racing.

Downhill longboards

Downhill Longboards
A downhill longboard can be an ideal choice for thrill seekers who love speed. With a downhill longboard, you can race down the slopes at a speed of more than 40 miles per hour. As its wheels are connected with the board’s base instead of being underneath it, the longboards are quite stable. However, the board is very close to the ground so that it can offer a lower center of gravity. That’s why it can ensure an enhanced stability. After all, stability is needed, especially whenever you want to race in long tracks of downhill slopes in the terrain.

Downhill longboard

How a Downhill Longboard Offers High Speed Ride?
Most downhill longboards have a drop which makes the board stay closer to the ground than other type of boards and even protects the board from wobbling. Only the nose and tail part of a board is enhanced in order to make the wheelbase closer to the ground. More importantly, such dropped decks are somehow slower in steering, that’s why many downhill riders opt for a flex free, top mount board with a high concave, especially when riding on routes with lots of curves. Therefore, these boards can offer  thrilling experiences at a higher speed than other longboards.

Sector 9 Downhill Longboards
If you are putting more emphasis on flexibility, functionality and a competitive price range in longboards, probably, Sector 9 downhill longboards can be the best option to go with. One more interesting fact about that, the Sector 9 Downhill boards can help you win races. The lineup of this board is fresher than other styles. If you are ready to rock the cleanest and well designed boards out there, it’s time to take a glimpse at the Sector 9 Downhill longboards.

Of course, if you love speed and exciting thrill when longboarding, then you should need one of the Sector 9 Downhill Longboards. This style of longboard is designed to deliver an excellent shot of adrenaline, straight into your arteries. Therefore, you should pick downhill boards which are made for fast turns and freestyle riding.

Downhill longboard

If you have decided to enjoy an edgy feel and a quick ride when longboarding, why don’t you check out a great range of Sector 9 Downhill Longboards of Boards On Nord! Find your longboards that suit your preferences to compliment your riding skill!

Enjoy longboarding!

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How to Enjoy an Exceptional Longboarding Experience?

These days I can see how people are bombing around on those boards, which resembles like skateboards but are shaped in a different and usually a longer way. People are also confused about long boarding and skateboarding. As a hardcore longboarding fan and experienced longboarding instructor, I wanted to help people in giving some great tips that will help in clearing the confusion and allow them to enjoy an exceptional longboarding experience. This blog post written on that thought, which will help in getting an overall idea of having utmost fun while riding on the wheels & enjoying long boarding.

Right kind of setup for the Longboarding:
In order to enjoy a smooth cruising along the beachfront, through the city or bombing the hills, it is important in selecting a perfect board set-up that will make thing better. Boards used for longboarding are derived from roots of skating in general, which has longer deck, wider trucks and bigger wheels than the skateboards. In today’s scenario longboard and skateboard are two separate sports, which include different boards for having maximum enjoyment.


Important Board Components for a right set-up:

Decks for longboarding boards are available between 22” and 60” in length; remember it is a thumb rule that your board should never be taller than you. Riding longer board helps in balancing the centre of gravity and offers good stability. I can suggest that boards of length 22″ – 30″ have tight turning circle, which proves to be ideal for slalom longboarding or cruising around the streets. Whereas longer boards like 30″ – 60″ are designed for a smoother and more controlled ride, which makes it ideal for freeriding and downhill longboarding. Recently I read online an article, which gave me a wonderful view and idea for selecting a right deck, which you can also prefer.


For beginners, it is important to understand the role of trucks in enjoying a smooth longboarding experience. Trucks are solid pieces of metal that sits between the deck and wheels and are available in different sizes, shapes and styles. 50 degree baseplate of a truck is considered good for cruising streets and city centers; whereas for downhill riding experience a sharper angled baseplate of 42 degree will help in reducing the chance of dreaded speed wobble. It was most amazing for me to read out a wonderful article online based on picking up the right truck.


Whether it is for skateboarding or longboarding, it is important that the bearings should have ABEC ratings. Bearings, designed with high precision and perfection are capable in delivering high performance to enjoy a smooth sliding, cruising and longboarding experience.


You will find wheels of a longboarding board are available in various shapes and sizes from which one can assemble it as per the requirement. I can suggest that one can be a safe beginner by using wheels of 65 – 75mm, which will prove to be an effective solution for enjoying fun filled longboarding.


A well blend of above all components will help in buying a right board for your longboarding sport.

Where to purchase a high performance board?
I had recently bought a top quality longboard having a perfect setup from a most popular and reputable online store .i.e. Most of my students and professional longboarders & skateboarders also have referred me about this online store, which has become a one shop stop destination for every skateboarding & longboarding enthusiast. I found a wide collection of exclusive and branded skateboards & longboards for sale at  As per your convenience you can also visit this most popular online store- to purchase a branded and best quality board for enjoying a wonderful longboarding experience.


Readers and visitors to this post can ask or suggest me by writing out their valuable words in the comment section.

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E-Go Cruiser – What is So Special about This Electric Longboard?

You might be craving for a magnetic  levitating board like the hoverboard for frictionless transportation. The year 2015 has arrived and any such skateboard could not get materialized so far. But fortunately an amazing electric longboard has taken shape – the Yuneec E-Go Cruiser!

It is powered by battery and includes a deck of durable Canadian Maple wood. Apart from this, a wireless controller for speed adjustment, truck tool, an assortment of charging cables and owner’s manual are provided with this riding unit. Carving and Riding on the E-Go electric longboard is smooth and easy, and the motor placed undercarriage of this board does not give problem to users in getting with speed no matter whatever is their weight and size.

With all these features, the E-Go Cruiser seems fantastic for skate riding.  Though it is simple in design and looks like standard longboards but can always bring more fun and excitement for skaters.


The Yuneec has designed this electric longboard with exceptionally long lasting lithium-ion battery which enables skaters to cover around 18 miles of distance on a single charging. The battery can recharge within three to five hours, and speed and range of this board can differ according to  the rider’s style, weight, roadway conditions. It is just 13.9 pounds, can be easily carried around for all the day long or can even get attached to your backpack with enough space for a board. It can be self-propelled by your foot in order to keep moving easily, especially when the battery is out of charge.  Once you get on this board, it will bring you plenty of fun in its electric engine’s ride.

It really feels great to ride this electric longboard. You have to stand on it and slide the slider frequently to adjust your speed, slow down or brake. While moving downhill, you will feel like moving automatically. In fact, you can quickly control and brake while maintaining the board speed quite effectively. The ego cruiser makes you continually move on and skate wherever you like. It gives you perfect control of your speed as it has brake system. You can’t simply leave it if you are looking to ride safely and comfortably.

With this fabulous and intuitively functioning electric longboard you are likely to enjoy smooth transportation or commutation without putting pressure on your foot. It is an interesting device with amazing recreational benefits which may outshine all other useful aspects.

Useful Features at a glance:
1.    Length: 96cm or 3.15 feet

2.    Width: 24 cm or 9.45 inches

3.    Weight – 6.3 kg or 13.9 pounds

4.    Wheels – 90-millimeter

Electric longboard

To learn more about the models and pricing of the lightest and strongest electric Longboard – the Ego Cruiser, click on this link!

Why to Choose a Tesseract Longboard or skateboard?

For a geek “Tesseract” means an eight sided cube that exists in the fourth dimension or can be imagined as a blue magical cube in the Hollywood movie-Avengers. Among skateboarding and logboarding enthusiasts, “Tesseract” is an extra dimensional board, which is designed to be quiver killer and ready offer exceptional longboarding or skateboarding experience while enjoying slides, ollies and manuals. Tesseract longboard or skateboard has a composite construction with two vertically laminated bamboo cores sandwiched between fiberglass skins with a bottom layer of cork, which forms a unique deck. Having a composite design makes the Tesseract longboard or skateboard light in weight, compared to its size and thickness.

Loaded Tesseract Longboard Skateboard Complete

How Tesseract longboard or skateboard will prove effective?
Commuting in the City or Campus:

Being agile and light, the Tesseract longboard or skateboard is great for commuting on city streets or campus. Having 24.5 or 26 inch wheelbase, the Tesseract longboard or skateboard is perfect for getting around in the town with smooth sliding as well as incorporating ollies into your daily commute to work.

Long Distance Commuting:
This style of skating or longboarding is oftentimes enjoyed by variety of people, who loves for pushing long distances. For those people, Tesseract longboard or skateboard is the best option for enjoying long distance commuting with a comfortable feel.


Freestyle skating or longboarding is all about expression, which can be enjoyed with the Tesseract longboard or skateboard that offers its rider lot of options to have an exceptional experience. With superlight Tesseract longboard or skateboard, you will end up as a freestyle monster.

The Tesseract offers an excellent board for providing a comfortable and functional standing platform. By achieving a controlled and balanced standing, you can be progressive and more pronounced while zooming past on the roads or enjoying an exciting downhill.

Downhill longboards

What are the positive traits of Tesseract longboard or skateboard?
Symmetrical Rocker- Helps you in staying firmly planted in slides and offers confidence of enjoying a natural movement.
Wheel Well Flare- Flared wheel wells helps in increasing wheel clearance and creates smooth surface transitions to provide lateral and longitudinal support for your feet.

W Concave- Designed with W concave style, Tesseract enhances rider’s control in all toeside maneuvers.
Symmetrical Shape-Tesseract having a symmetrical outline shape will offer maximum functionality and versatility.

Tesseract designed with kicktails is considered best in providing an opportunity of enjoying freeride and freestyle.


Where to find top quality Tesseract online?
You will find as well as can buy Loaded Tesseract at as per your requirement and can enjoy an exceptional longboarding or skateboarding experience. We are one of the leading & popular skateboarding and longboarding online stores, which have successfully attracted a huge number of skateboarding & longboarding enthusiasts.

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Great Varieties of Blood Orange Longboard Wheels

Are you impressed with the way Liam Morgan used to do stand up slide on his longboards? Do you want to roll on your skating wheels fast and big like Morgan? You must be excited to know that we offer a large variety of Blood Orange longboard wheels that will add to your skating prowess. Our Pro wheels come in four different sizes (73mm, 70mm, 65mm and 60mm) and their durometer varies from 80-84A. Each our Blood Orange wheels shreds absolutely and allows you to travel sideways excellently. With different offset bearing position and contact patch in each of them, you will surely find these wheels to be a riding pleasure. They are smooth, flexible and sugary too, while leaving massive thane lines on roadway and maintaining their shapes with all the newly introduced saddle core technology from Blood Orange. With a choice of these wheels, you can not only shed urethane but also enjoy the saddle core supporting your Liam Morgan 82A Formula thane lines experience along with the most expected release point and link up.

Be sure that our Blood Orange wheels can give you the ultimate pleasure of freeride along with added advantage of quality, style, performance and price. These wheels come in a set of 4 and feel to be best priced at $39.95-$49.95. Though some cheaper longboard wheels are selling on the market, bust still the Morgan Pro wheels ride so fast and smooth that you can pay a little extra to own these wheels.

Blood orange wheels

If you are seeking for hard core longboards with terrible sliding power and skating satisfaction, we can bring you more choices in our Blood Orange 60mm 82a Liam Morgan White/Red Longboard, Blood Orange 65mm 80a Liam Morgan White/Green, Blood Orange 70mm 84a Liam Morgan White/Blue, Blood Orange 73mm 80a Alpine Series White/Red and Blood Orange 65mm 82a Liam Morgan Black .  Just go through Blood Orange wheels on Boards on Nord for getting the true pleasure of consistent and buttery skating with features for better grinds and stability.

Blood orange wheels

For butter like smooth ride on skating wheels with better control on their performance, buy from our wide varieties of Blood Orange Wheels today!

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Enjoy Skateboarding with Best Quality Penny Skateboards

With so many brands, size and color choices, sometimes it becomes an overwhelming task to select a right kind of skateboard for enjoying an exhilarating skateboarding sport. You will get style and functionality by using Penny skateboards, which are classic short & durable skateboards those are widely seen around the streets of USA for years.

Penny Skateboard offers:
    Easy to throw around.

    Convenient to carry around.

    Smooth to move and glide around.

Having a small wheelbase, Penny skateboards are available in ton of different and awesome color combinations, which has made it most popular among the youths. For beginners Penny skateboards will prove great in providing an excellent cruising and riding experience that will allow in feeling like a bird.

Skate Boarding Trick with Penny Skateboards:
In order to get more thrill and excitement while enjoying skateboarding sport with Penny skateboards, you can follow a manual Penny Skateboard trick.

“While riding along the street on a Penny board, carefully lift up your front wheels by leaning slightly back and balance the skateboard on back wheels for as long as possible.”

To do this Penny Skateboarding trick, you should maintain a perfect balance and possess a good concentration.

Penny Skateboard

Tips for Daily Commuters and skateboarders using Penny Skateboards:

    Carry Durable and Well-fitted Backpack: You will stay balanced on Penny skateboards with well fitted backpack, containing heavy items on the bottom of the bag and lighter towards the top. This will help in keeping center of balance around your waist, which will help in gliding smoothly.

    Lookout for Less Traffic Routes: By looking out for less traffic routes as alternate routes in reaching the destination will allow in avoiding danger of rush hour.

    Always keep your Eyes Wide Opened: While enjoying skateboarding or daily commuting, you should be careful in avoiding major cracks and pot holes.

Penny Skateboard

Buying Penny Skateboards Online:
You will find exclusive collection of Penny Skateboards for sale at (, which is a leading online store. We have become one stop shop solution for very skateboarding enthusiast looking to get a perfect skateboard and parts of top brand. Our aim is to bring up best quality and well priced skateboards, longboards, parts and accessories as well as apparel that will help customers in saving money while buying best product online.

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Loaded Overland – An Extremely Versatile Option for Freeride

Do you need a reliable option in longboard for a fun ride that feels more like kick tail? Are you seeking for the best experience in street skating on a mid size and flexible longboard? Our all advanced designed Loaded Overland longboards can be the right choice as they are able to help you in both street ride and longboarding. We offer the Loaded Overland longboard decks in different varieties and with different set ups. These decks will be perfect for Loaded Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard, Loaded Poke Bamboo Longboard and Loaded Vanguard Bamboo Longboard. If you have any of these longboard models, then order a Loaded Poke longboard deck or Loaded Overland deck that are meant for fun riders as well as free riders in this skate world.

Loaded Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard Complete

The size of Loaded Overland longboard is neither as short as the Loaded Kanthaka nor as long as the Loaded Tesseract. Rather it has a size that falls in between these two and is also provided with variable wheelbases in the size range of 20.75” to 22” or 22cm to 56cm. This longboard is highly flexible and has street-style configuration including more responsive and precisely built TKP trucks and the shortest possible wheelbase to provide you with ultimate leverage in free ride and downhill skating. You can order us the Loaded overland longboard decks which can complete the set up, customize it and help you roll around town/city, slide and balance on sharp slope, travel to the corner area and move around hurdles in the urban area. Go after selecting from the Loaded overland longboard decks on Boards on Nord and fit it along with the longest/shortest wheelbase and you can have maximum fun and fantasy during free ride boarding.

Loaded Overland Longboard Deck

For pure fun and sheer thrill in your regular downhill path, use the Loaded overland longboards as they can zip tightly around the corners, providing you with a really fast turning downhill configuration. Contact us online for the perfectly fitting and fast supporting Loaded longboard decks to give you a wide variety of setup for free riding and downhill skating. We assure to deliver affordable board decks that will give a real flexible ride for your enjoyment and pleasure!

5 Skateboards to Enjoy Skateboarding in This Shining Summer

Skateboarding is popular since 1980’s, which was then called as skate punk culture, as it was having fashion and language of its own. It is widely seen the young generation loves to carve the streets while enjoying free riding and trick skating with skateboard. Skateboard is a flat piece of wood with affixed wheels to its bottom and are highly styled as well as fashioned by keeping in mind different skating requirement, which allows the users to experience an utmost satisfaction in performing different skateboarding techniques.

Most people in United Sates love to use skateboards in different ways as per their requirement, such as:

•    Commuting or as a mode of transportation.

•    Considering as an activity.

•    Art form for high level of skateboarders.

•    Profession for professional skateboarders.

For getting an utmost level of satisfaction you need to pick up a perfect skateboard that will give a smooth slide.

Have a look at the below listed top 5 skateboards that will make your selection easy to get a perfect one:

1. Bamboo Skateboards:

Skateboards and longboards of Bamboo skate brand are made up of sustainable bamboo from managed forests. Special care is taken by the folks at Bamboo for selecting the right material, which offers endless renewability as a resource that cause a minimal effect on the environment. Bamboo skateboards will offer you a great flexibility in enjoying an exceptional skateboarding experience.

Bamboo Skateboard

2. Sector 9 Skateboards:
Having a patented lamination on a vertically laminated bamboo, sector 9 skateboards are light and eco-friendly, which allows you in smoothly cruising around the town or enjoying great skateboarding styles.

Sector 9 Skateboards

3. Comet Skateboards:
Made from Canadian Maple trees, comet skateboards are durable and had unmatched quality to offer a great skateboarding experience.

4. Gravity Skateboards:
These are cool looking skateboards with water based inks and graphics will ensure safe riding and allow you to cruise down freely.

Gravity Skateboard

5. Rayne Skateboards:
With long-life, durability and strength Rayne skateboards will offer great control while cruising down the winding streets. Sharp edges of Rayne skateboard will lock your feet and the vert-lam bamboo core will act stronger than steel while giving a light feeling like a feather that will enhance your skateboarding experience.
Skateboards for Sale Online:
You will find exclusive skateboards for sale at, which is an online store that has proved to become one stop shop solution for every skateboarding enthusiast to get a perfect skateboard of a top brand. From top quality of skateboards & longboards, completes, parts and accessories as well as apparel, makes it sure to provide the customers best deals to save on money while buying the best product online.